Actual check-in time shows on cards and schedules instead of default time

Actual check-in time shows on cards and schedules instead of default time

The Kennel card, Grooming card, Daycare card, and Special Services card all have a field for checkin time.  It pulls this time from the checkin time on the appointment screen.

In order for KC to print the actual checkin time and not the default, you need to go to File, System Options, and enable the system option for "Adjust in/out time on pet checkin/out".  You do this under each module tab of Boarding, Grooming, Daycare and Special Services.  

Let's say you scheduled a board appointment with a checkin time of 9:45am.

However, the pet actually checks in at 12:51pm.  This system option tells KC to adjust the checkin time on the appointment from 9:45am to 12:51pm on the schedules.

 12:51pm is what will print on the kennel card.

Please note:  You must print the card after you have checked the pet in.  

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