Uploading your KC and/or QuickBooks database to support

Uploading your KC and/or QuickBooks database to support

Uploading a backup of your KC database to support is easier than ever! There may be times when support requests a copy of your database to be uploaded for duplication of an issue, repair, analysis of an error by development or other circumstances. Please follow the below ONLY if requested by support. Sending in databases that are not requested, will go unnoticed. 

*This will upload your KC database and all the log files for the KC software so no separate action is needed for log uploads. 

(Must be on KC version 7.07.18 or newer for this utility. If not, please click HERE for the old upload instructions.) Your version of KC will be displayed in bottom right corner. 

IMPORTANT: Due to SQL security restrictions, you MUST backup and upload your KC database from your host/server machine. 

Let's get started!

From inside Kennel Connection on your server/host machine:

Click on the utilities menu option at the top and then choose "Backup & Upload". 

When the backup and upload window opens, the upload section will be on the bottom. Complete the following:

  1. Requested By: Choose the KC support agent who asked you to upload. (Do not upload if you were not advised to.)

  2. Steps to reproduce: Enter in exact details to explain the issue and how to duplicate it. (Not providing this info could cause ticket to be removed and not providing accurate and detailed info could delay resolution.)

  3. Finish! If this is just a KC database upload and not related to any QuickBooks sync in anyway, you can now click the upload button. Your database, KC logs and details will upload to support and you can close out of this window. If this is related to a QB sync issue, please see below.

QUICKBOOKS Company File Upload: 

IMPORTANT: To upload your QB company file, you MUST be on the computer where that QB file is located. This tool will use the path to the QB file that is specified in your KC software for the direct sync and automatically locate your QB file. If you are not on that computer, please move to it and start this process over OR If you have another current copy or backup of your QB company file with you that you would like to upload, please click the little browse (...) button to navigate to and select your QB company file for upload. 

Let's get started!

  1. Place a check mark in the "Include QuickBooks file" option (If you have your QB file password protected, be sure to include the user id and pw you use to login to QB in the "steps to reproduce" field above.) 

  2. Finish! If you are on the computer that has the QB company file you sync KC to, it will automatically select it. Simply click "upload" to upload the files to support and you can close out of this window.

Optionally: If you are on a different computer than where you normally sync KC to QB but you have a copy of the QB file, please click the browse (...) button, navigate to the company file, select it and then click the "upload" button to upload the file to support. 

*Note that if you upload your QB file from a computer that does NOT have the KC database it will tell you that it cannot find the KC database but ask you if you want to upload the QB file anyway. Choose yes. 

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