Configuring KC6 to point to SQL

Configuring KC6 to point to SQL

After installing SQL server, you will need to tell the Kennel Connection program to point to the SQL server. Please follow the instructions below.

Kennel Connection MUST be installed and running the latest service release before you can proceed. 

  • First, you will need to find the EXACT name of your SQL server.
    • Open SQL Management Studio from your Start > All programs menu.
    • Log into your SQL Management studio.
    • Once logged in, click on “New Query”.
    • Then in the field where the cursor is flashing type in: SELECT @@servername or copy and paste it from this article.
    • Then press “Execute”
    • This will return your SQL server name at the bottom of the query window. (Write that down)

SQL server

  • Close or minimize SQL Management Studio. You will need to open the (wkennel.ini) file. This is the configuration settings file for Kennel Connection.
    • Go to Start > choose “computer” or “my computer”
    • Open your local C drive or whichever drive you installed Kennel Connection to.
    • Locate the KC6 folder.
    • Open the KC6 folder and if in alphabetical order, scroll to the bottom and locate the wkennel.ini file. (You may not be able to see the file extensions and you may see a few wkennel files. Move your mouse over them and the one that says “Type: Configuration Settings”, is the one you want).
    • Scroll to the bottom of the wkennel.ini file and you’ll see the blank SQL server settings.  You’ll need to add in the server name, Trusted setting, user ID (UID), password (PID) and SQL Server Type. Either EXPRESS or REGULAR.
    • Here is an example of what it should look like:

SQL server

The UID will always be SA and the password would have been set during the SQL install when you set the “mixed mode authentication”. In step 1, when you ran the server name query, if it returned your server name with a \MSSQLEXPRESS on the end, your ini file would need to match:

SQL server

Whatever the server name query returns is what will go next to Server= 

Once you have entered these settings, save your changes and close the wkennel.ini file. You can now restore a backup copy of your database and open Kennel Connection or if you are migrating to SQL from MS Access, you can now run the migration utility. 

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