Configuring your Star TSP Receipt Printer to open the Cash Drawer

Configuring your Star TSP Receipt Printer to open the Cash Drawer

After installing your Star TSP receipt printer, if you have the option to open the cash drawer upon printing of a receipt, you may notice this function does not work.  This is because the device requires a few extra settings to be enabled for this option to function.  The steps are listed below.

Before proceeding to step 1, make sure the printer has been installed with the correct Star drivers.  Those can be obtained from or if the printer came with an install CD, you can install them directly from that disk.  When connecting the receipt printer to the cash drawer, it is very important that you use the cable that came with the cash drawer.  It appears as it's a normal RJ11 phone cable but it is not.  A phone cable will not work.

1.  Windows 7:  Click Start, Control Panel, Devices and Printers.

Windows 8 or 10:  Press the "Windows"key on the keyboard and choose the "X" key at the same time (Windows + X) and choose Control Panel, then Devices and printers.

2.  In Devices and printers, under the "Printers" section, locate the Start Receipt printer and right mouse it and choose "Printer Properties".

Star receipt printer

3.  Choose "Device Settings" from the tabs on the top of the window.  You will see a list of options displayed below.  The two to change are "Peripheral Unit Type" and "Peripheral Unit 1".

Star receipt printer

4.  Click on "Peripheral Unit Type" and change it from Buzzer to Cash Drawer.

Star receipt printer

5.  Click on "Peripheral Unit 1" and change it from No Use to Document Top.

Star receipt printer

6.  Click Apply and OK at the bottom and close out of the control panel.

7.  Open Kennel Connection.  Click on File, System Options, Local tab.

8.  Make sure the "Use receipt printer" box is selected and that you have chosen the Star TSP printer from the drop down.  If it's thermal, select the thermal option.  If you want the receipt to show all the purchase details/items, select the show purchase details option.

Star receipt printer

9.  Lastly, in the "Cash drawer connection type" section, choose "Receipt Printer" as the type and choose APG/Logic Controls as the brand.  Click Apply in the upper right and then click the Test button.  The drawer should pop open.  Click OK to close the system options.

Star receipt printer

This completes the setup of the Star Receipt Printer/Cash Drawer configuration.  To test the function of the cash drawer without running a transaction, in Kennel Connection, click on Accounting, Receipts, open a receipt and click Print.  When you print the receipt, the drawer will open.

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