Customize your Windows display to enhance viewing

Customize your Windows display to enhance viewing

IMPORTANT!  Before making these changes, you will want to write down the default settings that Windows is set to in case you want to revert back to what it was before.  Please also note that while these settings can enhance the viewing of certain areas of Windows and other software, it may make some or parts of your software or Windows look improper or have wording cut off.  There is nothing that can be done about this.  If you choose a text size that cuts off wording in any software or Kennel Connection itself, the only option is to decrease the text size you chose.  Please do not report viewing issues caused by these settings to Kennel Connection support as there is not anything that can be done.

These instructions are for Windows 10.  It is possible that other operating systems may have the same options but OS specific instructions are not available.

These settings will change the text size for all applications including Windows itself.

1.  Right click on your Windows desktop.  Choose 'Display settings'.  On the display settings page, click 'Advanced display settings' at the bottom.  (If you don't have this option on your right click, you can go to Windows Control Panel and click on 'Display'.)

Windows display

2.  Scroll to the bottom of 'Advanced display settings' and choose 'Advanced sizing of text and other items'.

Windows display

3.  Locate the section that says 'Change only the text size'.  Here you can choose the size of the text.

For example, if you want to increase the text size for all menus inside of KC such as the right click menu, choose 'Menus' from the drop down menu.  Change the text size and you can also mark it as bold text if you would like.  Keep in mind, this changes menus system wide and not just for Kennel Connection.  Click 'Apply'.

Windows display

You can now look in Kennel Connection and anywhere on your computer that has menus (such as right clicking on your desktop) and see the text is now larger and bold, if you chose bold.

Windows display

Another example, if you change the text size of 'Message boxes', any popup message box inside of Kennel Connection and anywhere else on your machine, will display the adjusted size.

Windows display

You can test out other options and see what works for you.  Again, remember that the changes are system wide, meaning it will affect all applications including Windows.  If you choose a text size that is too large and wording is getting cut off or an area in Kennel Connection is not displaying properly, the only way to fix it is to decrease the text size you chose until it looks proper.

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