Daycare package reports

Daycare package reports

There are several reports available to help you track package counts, when they were used and expiration dates.

If you print these reports with the Daycare schedule opened, it will only print for pets on the schedule.

If you print these reports with the Daycare schedule closed, it will print for all pets in the database.


Reports, Daycare, Daycare Days Used Listing

This report will tell you what pets used a pet or client package and if it was a full or half day for the chosen date(s).

Reports, Daycare, Daycare Client Package Expiration

This report will tell you which clients have client packages that are expiring during the date range you choose.

Reports, Daycare, Daycare Days Left

This report will give the list of clients and pets who have package days still available on their records and if it's a full or half day.

Reports, Daycare, Daycare Pet Package Expiration

This report tells you which pets have pet packages that are expiring during the date range you choose.

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