Default daycare package options set by Daycare room/type

Default daycare package options set by Daycare room/type

You can set default settings for daycare package usage for Daycare Rooms/Types.  Let's say your facility does not charge for daycare if the pet is also boarding.  You don't want to have to remember to adjust the package settings on each appointment.  You can set up a daycare room/type for this case and set the package settings which will apply to every appointment for this room/type.

Click on File, Lists, Daycare Rooms/Types.

Add a new room or edit an existing room.  We'll call ours Board + Daycare.

Uncheck "Use package day for this visit" and check "Do not charge for this visit".

Hit Save when done.

Default daycare settings

When you book a pet into this room/type, the settings will be automatically applied to the appointment screen.

Default daycare settings

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