(DISCONTINUED) Honeywell Voyager 1200g Programming Guide

(DISCONTINUED) Honeywell Voyager 1200g Programming Guide

Honeywell Voyager 1200g Programming Guide

Important: You may need to print this guide on a laser printer to scan correctly. 


Unlike previous models, the new Voyager 1200g comes with most of the required settings already set for Kennel Connection and there is no need to enter a “programming mode” with this new model. Out of the box, this scanner will scan inventory items into KC and scan them onto your invoices while moving to the next line. If you plan to use this scanner for daycare key tag check-in/outs, you’ll need to simply scan the “Add tab suffix” barcode below. Once scanned, it should properly scan pets’ key tags into the system.  




**If you do not hear the barcode scanner play a little chime/beep, it did not scan**

Helpful Hints:


·      In KC, make sure to go into File, System options, Local tab and enable your barcode scanner and options in the lower right-hand corner.


·      If using this barcode scanner for scanning pet key tags into daycare and you want it fully automated, be sure to go into File, System Options, Daycare and place a check mark next to “Auto-create booking and Check-in.”


·      If your barcode scanner is NOT scanning anything into Kennel Connection at all, open Notepad on your computer and make sure the cursor is flashing in there. Scan a barcode. If the barcode shows up in notepad, your device may not be configured to properly work with Kennel Connection. Please try the “Add tab suffix” scan again. IF nothing scans into notepad, there is a hardware issue within that device. Please try a new USB port or a different computer. If it still fails, you’ll need to contact the vendor.

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