Downloading and Installing SQL Management Studio Only, no Login

Downloading and Installing SQL Management Studio Only

Downloading and Installing SQL Management Studio Only, no Login

Warning:  SQL Management Studio gives you full access to your SQL Server and your databases.  Any changes made in this program could severly impact the Kennel Connection database and the way the software is able to function.  Anything done incorrectly could cause lost data and loss of access to the software.  Software Connection LLC does not support this software nor are we responsible for anything done inside of it.  This program should ONLY be used by a technician familiar with SQL and SQL Management Studio.  As always, make sure you backup the Kennel Connection database before making any changes in the software.

Kennel Connection 7 will install SQL Server for you initially but it does not install the Management Studio application.  At some point, you may be required to download and install this application.  This article will give you the steps.

Please note:  SQL Management Studio and SQL Server are products of Microsoft and are not directly supported by Software Connection LLC.  This document should only be used if you have been instructed by a Kennel Connection support technician.

1.  Download SQL Management Studio. 

2.  Once the download completes, double click the file to run it in your downloads folder or if your download is shown in your browser, click it there.  

3.  Verify the install path is OK and click Install.

4.  The installer begin. Please be patient as depending on computer speed, this could take some time. 

SQL Management Studio is now installed.

5. Once the install completes, it will prompt with:

Click Close. SQL Management Studio has now been installed on your computer. If you do not see a desktop shortcut, press windows key + s and search for SQL Server Management Studio.