Error Failed to get response to login password while using Gmail

Error Failed to get response to login password while using Gmail

You are using a Gmail account for emails in Kennel Connection and it suddenly stops working or you are entering the settings and testing for the first time.  The error shown in the email log displayed is "Failed to get response to login password" but the password entered is correct.

Gmail error

Gmail has added an extra security option in their account settings that disables third party apps from connecting to your account.

The new security option needs to be set to Enabled in order for KC to connect.

  • On your PC, log into your Gmail account at 
  • In the upper right hand corner of your Gmail, you will see your email address or an account picture.  (Normally it's an account picture or icon in a circle of some sort.) Click on it.
  • Choose "Manage your Google Account".

gmail account settings

  • In the Account screen, on the left hand side, click on "Security" and scroll down until you see "Less secure app access"
  • In the "Less secure app access" section there will be an on/off option. This MUST be set to ON. If it shows "Turn off access (recommended)" you already have this correct. you can exit. If it shows "Turn on access (not recommended)" then it's off and you MUST turn it on. 

In this screen shot below, you can see the security option on the left that you must click to get to the "Less secure app access" and the "Less secure app access" section. In this image, it shows that the option is already set to ON so this is all set. 

gmail account enable less secure apps

Your changes will be saved automatically and you should now be able to connect through Kennel Connection

NOTE: You cannot use 2-step verification if you want to use third party software like KC to connect to your email server.