Error Timeout waiting to read socket or accept connection when sending emails

Error "Timeout waiting to read socket or accept connection" when sending emails

When you send emails through Kennel Connection, here is the process:

When you hit Send or it's time to send automatic emails, KC logs into your email provider's server.  If your login information is authenticated, KC sends all emails to your provider at once.  This is all it does.  It's up to your provider to send the emails to your clients. 


This error means that your machine/IP address is attempting to connect to the provider's SMTP server and is not able to.  There can be several causes.

  • The server is not accepting your connection.
  • Your antivirus program is scanning outgoing emails causing the connection to time out.
  • The port/security settings you have configured in the email settings in KC are not the best option.

Depending on the antivirus, it can scan outgoing emails.  This makes the open SMTP connection wait while the emails are being scanned.  Different SMTP servers have different length of times they will wait for a "handshake".  If the handshake/connection is not received in that amount of time, it will fail with a timeout error.  

You will need to be sure your antivirus is not set to scan KC or outgoing emails.  Click here for instructions.  You may need to disable the antivirus completely and try again.  If there is no change, the next step is to uninstall the antivirus completely, reboot and send a test message.  

If you do not have an antivirus program installed, you will need to contact your email provider and let them know the program is timing out when trying to connect to their SMTP server. 

You will also want to verify all the email settings with them.

Click on File, Business Info, Email tab.  

KC  does not provide you with an email address, so we don't know the settings below.  Only your email provider can give you this information.

Email settings

If none of this helps, we can provide you with email settings to test.  If it works, we'll know that means that it's an issue with the email account/settings.  If it fails, we'll know it's something on the computer causing the issue.  At this point, you will need a local technician to assist as we only support Kennel Connection issues.