Hello-Groom - Setting up vaccinations

Hello-Groom - Setting up vaccinations

You are able to setup required vaccines.  There are warning messages if the pet has missing or expired vaccines.  You can also print a report and include this info on the confirmation email.

Click on Setup, Lists, Vaccinations.

Hello-Groom comes with some vaccines already listed.  If you want to be warned if the pet has missing or expired vaccines they need to be set as required and set as the correct type.

For any vaccine except Rabies, it needs to be set as required and type Other.

Hello-Groom will track 1 year and 3 year Rabies together.  So if the pet has a date for the 1 year it ignores the 3 year and vice versa.  These must be setup correctly to work.

Rabies 1 year must be set as required and type Rabies 1 year.

Rabies 3 year must be set as required and type Rabies 3 year.

To include this information on the confirmation and automatic reminder emails, click on Setup, Business Info.

Click on the Email tab.  You must configure Hello-Groom to send emails.  Click on this link for directions.

Scroll to the section for confirmation emails.  You can choose options like including the in/out time, confirmation number.  Click the box to Include Vaccination status.

You can now enter the vaccination dates on the pet card, Vaccinations tab.

You can also Exempt pets from vaccinations.  If you click this box it tells Hello-Groom to ignore this vaccine.

For example I have Distemper 1 year and Distemper 3 year.  My pet has a date for the 1 year so I will check the Exempt box for the 3 year and that vaccine will not be flagged.

IMPORTANT:  Hello-Groom tracks the Rabies 1 year and Rabies 3 year together.  So if the pet has a date for the 1 year it ignores the 3 year and vice versa.  You should not exempt the pet from either Rabies vaccine unless he cannot get that vaccine.  Clicking the Exempt box for either Rabies tells it to ignore both.

You are also able to update vaccines through the appointment screen.  Scroll down to find the vaccination section.

For this example, this pet has an expired Distemper vaccine.

This will show at the top of the appointment screen.

It will check the Vacc column on the schedule.

It will show when you open the pet card.

This will be included on the confirmation email.

You can also click on Reports, Lists, Expired vaccinations to get a list of these pets with expired vaccines.

On this screen you can choose to print for all pets in the database or only pets with appointments.

If I choose All here, the report will print a list of all pets who have vaccines expired during 7/1/22 - 9/21/22

If I choose Pets with appointments then it will be any pet who has an appointment scheduled between 7/1/22 - 9/21/22 that have vaccines expired at any time.

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