How to obtain your database

How to obtain your database

How to obtain a copy of your database

Your database is local to your computer. You have full access to your data at any point, whenever you need it and you do not need to contact support to get this for you. Obtaining your data is as simple as creating a backup. Please see below. 

Creating a database backup is easier than ever.

(Must be on KC version 7.07.18 or newer for this utility. If you do not see this option in your KC desktop, please click HERE for the old backup instructions.) Your version of KC will be displayed in bottom right corner.

IMPORTANT: Due to SQL security restrictions, you MUST backup from your host/server machine, and you cannot backup to a network drive

From inside Kennel Connection:

Click on the utility's menu option at the top and then choose "Backup & Upload". 

You can either click the browse button and choose a folder of your choice to send the backup to, or by default it will use C:\KC7\backups folder. Click "Backup" to create a full backup of your database. 

When done, you can close or click to view your backup file.  This file contains everything inside of KC except pics, docs and receipts. If you're looking to backup those files, simply open the C: drive and open your KC7 folder. Inside, you'll see the Pix, Docs and Receipts folders. Simply copy those folders and paste them where you want to store them for backup purposes.