How to take a screenshot for support

How to take a screenshot for support

How to take a screenshot for support

Screenshots help us resolve issues faster. Please always try to provide a screenshot with your ticket submission. Here is a quick way to capture a screenshot for support. 

Step 1. Make sure the error or screen that support needs to see is on your screen. If the error message only lasts for a few seconds and then disappears, be ready to capture it. 

Step 2. Click the windows start button and type "snip" This will show the windows snipping tool. Select it. 

Step 3. In the Windows snipping tool, click the "new" button on the top. This will gray out your screen. Click to drag a box around the area you want to share with support. When you have the entire area captured, let go of your mouse button. This will now show that captured screen in the snipping tool.  

You may now either click the "Copy" button to copy image and paste it into email or other. Or if you're uploading a screen shot to us, click File, Save. Save the file and then select the image when using the upload button. 

NOTE: If it's an error that disappears, get the snipping tool ready to go. You can then either make the error happen, click new on the snipping tool fast and capture the screen OR before making the error happen, set the "Delay" option on the snipping tool to 5 seconds, click New and then make the error happen within that 5 seconds. 

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