Installing & Syncing to QuickBooks 2022 and Other QB Versions.

Installing & Syncing to QuickBooks 2022 and Other QB Versions.

Intuit has changed the way QuickBooks Desktop installs in the 2022 version and will require a special step during the QB install in order to sync with third-party applications like Kennel Connection. While we do not support QuickBooks or install QuickBooks, this guide will assist you during the install process. Once QB is installed, proceed below for instructions on linking KC to QB. As always, we can assist with linking KC to QB if you're unable to get them connected using the steps below. 

***Note IF You have previous versions of the QB software installed, in some cases, simply uninstalling those versions through your Windows Control panel "Programs & features" and leaving only QB 22 installed resolves this issue. 

We STRONGLY recommend making a backup copy of your QB Company file BEFORE upgrading it to 2022. According to Intuit, there's no way to revert your company file once upgraded to 2022. With a backup copy that is NOT upgraded, you can always reinstall your previous version of QB and restore your backup file if 2022 still does not work. 

**If you're simply looking to link KC to an already installed version of QB, proceed to section 3 in this article but please take note of the QB version as if it's 2022, you may need to complete sections 1&2 first. 

Article Section Index: 
Section 1: Uninstalling QuickBooks 2022
Section 2: Installing QuickBooks 2022
Section 3: Linking Kennel Connection to QuickBooks
Section 4: Troubleshooting

Section 1: Uninstalling QuickBooks 2022

**If you already installed QB Desktop 2022 without choosing the "custom" install option, you must uninstall it and reinstall it.

Before proceeding, please make sure you have the below files and information. We cannot obtain this media for you. 
  1. QuickBooks installer file. (To install or re-install the QB 2022 software.)
  2. QuickBooks license key. (XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXX)
  3. QuickBooks product key. (XXX-XXX)
To uninstall, click the Windows start button or the search icon and type "Control" and open Control Panel when it displays. In the upper right, change the view to "small icon view". Then look for and click on Programs & Features. 

Locate the QuickBooks 2022 Install file. Click on it to select it and click "Uninstall/Change" at the top. 

Click Next, then choose "remove" and click Next again. 

The uninstall process will run. Please be patient. Once it has uninstalled, we strongly recommend rebooting the computer. Once ready, please proceed to the install steps below. 

Section 2: Installing QuickBooks 2022

Before proceeding, please make sure you have the below files and information. We cannot obtain this media for you. 
  1. QuickBooks installer file. (To install the QB 2022 software.)
  2. QuickBooks license key. (XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXX)
  3. QuickBooks product key. (XXX-XXX)
Find the QB installer file and run it. It may be called something like QuickBooksPro2022.exe or something similar. (Please note screen shots below may depict a different version than you have and may be slightly or majorly different than what you see.)

When the installer launches, click Next to begin. 

Click Accept & Continue. 

Enter your License Number and Product Number for QuickBooks and click next. 
The next page/step is very important. Do not just click next and speed through.

Here you MUST choose "Custom and Network options". Then click next. 

You MUST choose the option selected below. This is what allows the company file to be accessed by third party applications (KC). 

Click next and then click next again. 

Then click Install. 

QuickBooks will now install. Please be patient. 

Once the install finishes, you can launch QuickBooks. You'll have an existing company file, so you'll want to open that. 

Click the open a company file and then browse to your QB company file.

TIP: QuickBooks stores their company files here:   C:\Users\Public\Documents\Intuit\QuickBooks\Company Files

WarningYou may have multiple of them so check the last modified date when selecting it. We cannot assist with locating company files or if the wrong one is restored and synced to, we're unable to undo the sync. It's always a great idea to back up your Kennel Connection database before syncing to QuickBooks. Backing up your KC database.

Your QuickBooks will now open with your company file. Now you must link Kennel Connection and QB together. 

Section 3: Linking Kennel Connection to QuickBooks

**IF you already had KC talking to QB in the past and you have not moved or changed company files, please see Part A below. (If you moved or changed your company file, replaced your computer etc. please skip to Part B.)

Part A: (KC was talking to QB previously and NOTHING has changed with your company file, file location or computer.)

1. Open Kennel Connection, navigate to File, Business Info and click on the QuickBooks Direct Link tab. (You need to relink your accounts. (We cannot tell you what QB accounts you used to sync with, but the names of the accounts should still be showing.)

2. Click on the "Display Income Accounts" button. This will now attempt to establish the new link between KC and QB and if successful, it will show you an account list you can choose your income account from. Select it and click OK. Repeat this step for each account here that you use. (If not successful and you get any errors or nothing happens at all, please proceed to Section 4 (Troubleshooting) below.)

(Please note that when I created my accounts in QuickBooks, I titled them with KC so I would know which is which. This is why in the screen shot below you'll see KC Default Income Account etc. Yours may not be named the same.)

3. Once you have selected all your corresponding accounts, click OK to save. You are now connected to QB 22 and can sync your data. 

Part B: (Changes have taken place such as your QB company file being moved, changed or your computer was replaced.)

*IF you have not synced to QB before OR you have moved/changed your company file (we don't recommend moving it out of the default public folder as it can cause sync issues) or have swapped out your computer for a new one, you'll need to do the following: 

1. After you have opened your company file in QB and verified it's correct, please close QuickBooks completely. 

2. Open Kennel Connection and go to File, Business Info, QuickBooks tab. 

3. Click "Clear All - Path and Info" and proceed through warning. 

4. Click the (...) browse button next to the "Path to your QuickBooks database and navigate back to where your QB company file is stored and select your QB company file. (If you get a warning that QB is still open and the file is in use, you may have to go into Windows task manager and end the QB32 application or reboot your computer. Then try again.)

5. Click "Get" to load in your computer name (required).

6. Don't click anything else except OK to close Business Info. Then exit KC completely. 

7. Now re-open QuickBooks so you're looking at your company file/dashboard. 

8. Re-open Kennel Connection and go back to File, Business Info, QuickBooks tab. 

9. Click on the "Display Income Accounts" button. This will now establish a connection to QuickBooks. Please watch your QB icon on your Windows task bar. It should flash or similar. Click on it to show the QB software. It should be prompting you to accept the incoming connection. Please set it according to these screen shots: 

YES, always allow access even if QuickBooks is not running. 
YES, you want to give this app access to your data even when QB is not running. 

YES, you want to allow access without a digital certificate

Once complete, your KC and QB are now linked. Please click each account button as mentioned above (Section 3, Part A,) in KC to choose your proper QB account to sync to. 

Section 4: Troubleshooting:

If you are unable to relink KC to QB or are having general KC to QB connection issues, please do the following: 

(Please close Kennel Connection software first.)

1. Open QuickBooks and navigate to Edit, Preferences. 
2. In Preferences, click on Integrated Applications. 
3. Click on "Company Preferences" tab. 
4. Kennel Connection Interface should be listed there. Select it and click Remove. Proceed through any prompts until it's removed. Then you can click OK to close Preferences. 

5. With QuickBooks open, please re-open Kennel Connection. 
6. Navigate in KC to File, Business Info, QuickBooks tab. 
7. Confirm your company file path is still correct. 
8. Click on the "Default Income Account" button

Kennel Connection will now again attempt to connect to your QB data file. Please watch the QB icon on your task bar as it should start flashing after a couple seconds. Click on it to show QuickBooks. If the connection was successful, you'll need to set your KC to QB preferences. Please see the section above (Section 3, Part B) to see what options you should choose. 

If the connection is still failing AND you have moved your QB company file OUT of the default public documents location, please locate your QB file (wherever you moved it to), copy it and paste it back in the Public docs location: C:\Users\Public\Documents\Intuit\QuickBooks\Company Files. Then retry the troubleshooting process above, again. 

If you are still unable to get the software to link to each other after the above, please contact or call 888-486-4343, option 2. 

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