Logic Controls Pole Display PD3000U-BK Installation Guide

Logic Controls Pole Display PD3000U-BK Installation Guide

Do not plug in the Pole Display until instructed.

1.  Download and install the Pole Display drivers.  Choose the appropriate drivers for your operating system.  Do not change any install options.  Choose all defaults.

Windows XP/Vista/7:  http://support.bluecrystalsoftware.com/download/LD_DRIVER_WinXP_WIN7.zip

Windows 8/8.1/10:  http://support.bluecrystalsoftware.com/download/Line-Display_Windows-8.zip

Note*  After downloading the drivers and OPOS file, locate the zipped folder (most likely in your downloads folder), right click it and choose "Extract All".  Follow the prompts.  Once extracted, double click on the folders until you see the install file.  Then double click on the corresponding file.

Windows 7 install file will be:  lcild_v207230.msi

Windows 8 install file will be:  lcild_v207231.msi

The files depend on your system "view" settings and may or may not show the .msi file extensions.

2.  Once all of your drivers and OPOS program has been installed, plug in the Pole Display to an AC outlet and then plug in the USB cable to an available port on your PC.  Windows will automatically install and pair your device to the drivers you just installed.  (Depending on the machine, this may take a few minutes).  Go to Windows Control Panel > Devices & Printers and you will see the Pole Display listed there.  This one here you'll see is on COM port 4.  Take note of the port it's using.

Pole Display

3.  Open Kennel Connection.  Go to  File, System Options, Local tab.  Select the option "Pole Display is attached to this computer".  Choose the port # (obtained from the previous step).  Click on "Pole Msg".  Enter in your text that will continuously scroll on the Pole Display.  Click OK.  Click Apply and OK to close System Options.

4.  Close Kennel Connection.

5.  Open Kennel Connection and the Pole Message you entered previously will start scrolling on the Pole Display.  Now your invoice/payment information will display appropriately.

If you need assistance, please contact technical support at Support@KennelConnection.net or 1-888-486-4343 x 504.

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