Network errors after upgrading to Windows 10

Network errors after upgrading to Windows 10

After upgrading to Windows 10, all of your workstations may be unable to connect to the server/main computer and show mapped drive errors.  The normal procedure is to open Computer and double click on the network drive (there will be a red X on it) to reconnect the drive.  It may prompt for your network credentials.  If you don't know them, follow the directions below to reconfigure your network share settings.

1.  On your server/main computer, press the Windows key + S and in the search box, type "control" without the quotations.  Click on "Control Panel".

2.  In the upper right corner, change "View by" to "Small icons", if not set already.

3.  Locate Network and Sharing Center and open it.

Mapped drive error

4.  Click "Change advanced sharing settings" in the upper left.

Mapped drive error

5.  Locate the "All Networks" section (may be near the bottom) and click the arrow for the drop down menu.

Mapped drive error

6.  Locate the "Password Protected Sharing" section and choose "Turn off password protected sharing".  Save changes.

Mapped drive error

Now, go  to your workstations and go back into Computer.  Look for your disconnected network drive that has a red X through it.  Double click on it.  It should open the folder.   Close it and you can now open Kennel Connection.

Please note:  If this does not reconnect your network drive, or if it still asks for your network credentials, you will need to get a local technician to assist as we don't support your network.

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