Other Packages

Other Packages

Other Packages lets you setup packages for any product or service in Kennel Connection and they will count them down as the pet is invoiced for their stay.  Click on File, Packages, Other Pkgs.
Click the Add button and click '...'

This will let you choose System, Product or Service.

System codes would be things like exercises, feeds, pickup and delivery.

Products are things marked in your inventory list as a product, like toys or food.

Services are things marked in your inventory as a service such as massage.

Please note that if a pet has an exercise, medication or feeding package, KC will apply that to any exercise, med or feeding.  You're not able to set those for specific items.  An alternative would be to also add those to your inventory as a service so the package can be set for just that item.  You can still add it to the appointment so it prints on the Feeding, Medication or Exercise schedule but you can set it for $0 or make it Not Invoiceable in File, Lists, Feedings, Medications, Exercises.

Here are steps to add an exercise package.  You will do the same steps for any other Other Package.

Click New Other Package and the '...' button.
Choose Exercise.
Add the package code and name, which can be the same, the cost and how many exercises are in the package.  Click Save when done.

Now you are ready to sell the package to the pet or client.  Pet packages cover only that specific pet and client packages cover any pet that person has. 

Open the pet or client card, Packages tab.
Click the Add button.
On the invoice, choose the package and you can either take payment now or hit OK to save it and take payment later.

Now the pet has a 10 package of exercises.  KC will take one off the package for each exercise the pet is scheduled for.

In order for KC to use the package, you must create the invoice for the pet's stay.  On the appointment screen, Services tab, click on Exercises and add the exercise and check off when the pet should get it, Morning, Afternoon and/or Evening.  Rotation is how often the pet should get it so if it's a service to be given every day put 1.

Check the pet in/out of boarding and create the invoice.  
The pet got 4 exercises (2 per day of his stay) and 4 were taken off his exercise package.

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