Setting SQL to always start with Windows

Setting SQL to always start with Windows

Setting SQL to always start with Windows

When using a SQL database, SQL server needs to be running in order for Kennel Connection to function.  SQL server should always start when Windows starts.  Here are the steps.

Click on Start, All Programs.

Find Microsoft SQL Server folder.  It will list the version, for example , Microsoft SQL Server 2012.

Expand this folder by clicking on it.

Scroll down to Configuration Settings.  Expand the folder by clicking on it.

Open SQL Server Configuration Manager.

Below is how the services should be configured on your computer.  

Setting SQL server to start with Windows

To set it to start with Windows, right click on the SQL Server services line and go to Properties.

Select the Service tab.  It will look like this.

Setting SQL to start with Windows

Left click on the Start Mode and set the service to Automatic.  

SQL should now start with Windows.  If it does not start properly, you will need a local technician or SQL technician to determine what is interferring with the service during startup.

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