Uninstalling a Windows update

Uninstalling a Windows update

Sometimes Microsoft will release updates to the Windows operating system that may have some bugs in the updates and ultimately causing sudden and random issues on your computers. Uninstalling Windows updates is nothing we can assist with nor will we ever require it. Anytime a Kennel Connection support agent advises you to uninstall certain Windows update files, it's purely a recommendation based on prior knowledge or research. Software Connection will not be held responsible for any issues arising from modifying another software that is not a product of Software Connection such as Windows operating system. If you are not comfortable doing this on your own, we advise hiring a local computer technician to assist you or alternatively you can wait for Microsoft to release a patch to fix the issue. 

To uninstall Windows updates, you would do the following:

Click the Windows Start button and choose Settings (gear icon)

Click on "updates and security"

Click on "view update history"

Click "uninstall updates"

Use the search field and type in the update you're looking for. 

If no results, that update is either not installed OR you've since installed a major Windows feature update and the update was in a past version. If you locate the article, click on it and then choose "uninstall"

It will now uninstall the update and more than likely a reboot will be required at the end. Please be patient as this could take a long time. Never power down or unplug a computer during an update install or uninstall. 

Again Software Connection does not support the Windows operating system, nor will we ever require a Windows update uninstall. We will only make recommendations based on prior knowledge or research. Software Connection will not be held responsible for any issues arising from modifying another software that is not a product of Software Connection such as Windows operating system. If you are unsure about making these changes on your own, please contact a local computer technician that can assist you. 

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