USB cash drawer stops working

USB cash drawer stops working

By default, Windows 10 enables the power saving feature for all USB ports known as “Selective Suspend” This feature is an attempt to save power by shutting down USB ports that are only used intermittently. Sometimes though, the USB port does not get turned back on when it is needed or is inadvertently turned off. For USB devices such as old APG cash drawers and many others, this setting cause the device to disconnect resulting in the inability to use the device. If you have an older drawer or any older hardware that was not designed for this new Windows option, you can attempt to rectify the situation by setting the USB Selective Suspend option to Disabled. Here are the steps:

  1. Click the Windows start button and start typing “edit power plan” without the quotes.

edit power plan

    2.  Once inside your PC’s power plan, click the “Change advanced power settings” link.

 change advanced power settings

     3. Locate the “USB Settings” option and click the + sign to expand it. Then expand “USB selective suspend setting”

 usb selective suspend disabled

     4. Click the drop down and change it from enabled to disabled. Click Apply and OK. Then close out of the control panel/power settings. **Please note that if you are using a laptop, look for a “battery” option in this list above and disable this setting from there**

This may resolve the issue you have been experiencing with your cash drawer or other USB device but it also may not. If you have an older piece of hardware that may not work properly with this new Windows setting, your only option may be to upgrade the hardware to a newer model.

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