Windows 10 display issues

Windows 10 display issues

Windows 10 uses an entirely new display model and has been causing display issues for all kinds of software and application programs.  There are thousands of web articles of things to try and how to resolve certain issues but we can't say for sure what will or will not work.  We suggest trying some of these in the order they are listed below before searching any web articles.

1.  Close Kennel Connection.  Right mouse click on the KC desktop icon.  Choose Properties.  Click on the Compatibility tab.

Make sure the option for "Run this program in compatibility mode" is NOT checked.

If it is checked, uncheck it and hit Apply.  Open KC and test.  This option has helped in many cases.

Windows 10 display issue

2.  Update your video card drivers if an update is available.

Press the Windows key + X on your keyboard and click on Device Manager.  Expand the "Display adapters" option and right click on Display Adapter.  Choose "Update drivers software".  Search automatically.  If anything is found, install it.  Open KC and test.

3.  Change your Windows 10 theme to something basic.  Right click on the desktop, choose Personalize, select "Background" and change the background to something basic.  Hit Apply.  Open KC and test.

4.  Change your display to be configured for best performance only.  Open Windows Explorer, right mouse click on "This PC".  

Choose Properties, Advanced System Settings.  Choose Settings under the "Performance" section and then choose "Adjust for best performance".  Apply the changes and test KC.

If it does not help, you can reset the settings.  This option will make computers generally faster as well.

Windows 10 display issue

If none of these help, you may need to search the web for similar display issues or issues with your specific video card and Windows 10.

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